Just Brew Coffee's Story


Christy Brown, Jarrod Brown, and our two daughters.

Just Brew Coffee was established in 2010 when we, Jarrod and Christy Brown, began relentlessly pursuing the ultimate cup of coffee.

What started as a hobby, quickly turned into us roasting coffee at 5AM in our garage on a daily basis. While most of us love waking up to the smell of fresh coffee, some of our neighbors didn't quite appreciate the shenanigans at our house, which resulted in quite a few nicely-worded notices from our HOA. Shortly after, we moved into our current space and continued roasting some of the best coffee around.

We proudly live in Medina, Ohio with our two daughters. When we aren't roasting coffee, we enjoy being involved in our community and hanging out with family and friends. 

We hope to roast Just Brew Coffee for generations to come! 

- Christy & Jarrod Brown

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We specialize in made-to-order, small-batch roasting, and focus on both process and technique as we air-roast our single-origin beans to perfection. We are committed to quality and extensively research our coffee beans and the farms they are grown on to ensure that everyone – from our individual customers to our wholesalers – can brew a delicious cup of coffee.

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